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Let’s Be Frank: Back to Business

The Easter break is over, not a single Easter egg passed my lips (honest!) and we have very quickly returned to the gym and courts as our focus shifts back to foes. The second half of the season provides a great opportunity for redemption as we look to improve on some disappointing results from the rounds with a new level of familiarity. 

Super exciting times this week as I embark on a partnership with Nissan, Mandurah which means that I have the great fortune of receiving a brand new 4WD X-Trail!! I am really looking forward to using the car to discover even more of WA. It seems to me like some driving on the beach will be in order! More importantly though, we will be partnering with netball associations across the Peel/Mandurah region to deliver some netball and education sessions. Stay tuned for more info!

Round 9 of Suncorp Super Netball has been designated as “Give for a Goal” round. The official ’Give for a Goal’ campaign launches on 22 April and runs until 28 May and the league are looking to raise awareness and money for the Confident Girls Foundation.   

I grew up in a very stable and supportive home, and the people that know me can attest that I have never been short on confidence. The experiences that I have had as a result of this and skills that I have developed through being in a competitive netball environment from a young age I often take for granted. 

The Confident Girls Foundation uses netball as a mechanism to help vulnerable Australian girls transform into confident women. It provides opportunities and programs for vulnerable girls to build not only their sport skills, but fundamental life skills, including, teamwork, leadership, determination, and acceptance.   

Suncorp will be “giving for a goal” by donating $25 for every goal scored in Round 9. As a defender I am sure you can understand the moral dilemma this creates… HOWEVER, there are a variety of ways that you can get involved too. Look out for the purple shoelaces that players will be wearing to support the Confident Girls Foundation and the “Give for a Goal” fundraiser. 

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