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Let’s Be Frank: Lonely No More

An unprecedented amount of people made time in their lives last week to reach out to me and share the love following my last blog, for which I am extremely grateful. I was also lucky to receive countless offers to meet up for coffee. Combine this with the first Fever win of the season and my phone that was already on its last legs, pretty much exploded with activity… an average day in the life of Nat Medhurst no doubt 😉. Competitors, frenemies, fans, family and friends reinforced to me that the netball community rocks! My point was also very much proven, winners are grinners… because they have mates!

Duty of care issues aside I am lonely no more, struggling to fit my coffee dates in around training and without wanting to give my parents any more attention than they have produced for their selves, the Francis family are in town!! They arrived in Perth on Friday just before our Round 5 game against Swifts after 27 hours 53 minutes and 52 seconds of travel (my mum made me count) and bared witness to our first win of the season! Although I prepare the same for most games, I try to keep superstitions and strict routines to a minimum otherwise I would drive myself crazy. That being said, my parents will be remaining in Australia for the remainder of the season and my list of creative game day braid styles will be scrapped as the crossed braid and increased Francis presence worked 😊!

A lover of a plan, and making the most of my time we all hopped into the car following the game and headed South to make the most of the weekend and show my parents a bit more of WA. On Saturday we had lunch at the Capel Vale Match Restaurant and followed it up by catching the train down the Busselton Jetty to check out the underwater observatory at the end. Sunday we hopped on an obligatory Margaret River tour, met some fantastic people and discovered even more of the region than I did over Christmas. Stay tuned for activities galore over the coming weeks as I drag my poor parents around Perth and the surrounding areas!

I’d like to finish by using my new found blog powers to encourage the WA netball community to rally around Snoop (Shannon Eagland) this week as she starts her road to recovery following surgery to repair her ruptured ACL. On a similar note, I would like to wish GIANTS Wing Attack Kim Green the very best in her recovery from the same injury. Sport is cruel, netball specifically so on the knees, so the whole of the Fever family are wishing you well!


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