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Top 10: Paul Blomley

In the third edition of Top 10, we catch up with Paul Blomley, one of Fever's biggest fans. Paul is a PKF Mack Centre Circle Member, and you may remember seeing a photo of him on our social media channels wearing his beloved Fever shirt in England with his family.

10. Jess Eales' debut against the Sunshine Coast Lightning in Round 12
What a player for our future. She also won the West Coast Fever Club Person of the Year Award, which shows she’s all about the Fever Family. Her attitude encapsulates the Fever Family, it’s all about the team winning not about the individual. A team will always beat a group of individuals.

9. Western Sting winning the Australian Netball League title
Champions for the first time, came through as underdogs, did it with grit and determination. They did it the Australian way.

8. Courtney Bruce being named in the Samsung Diamonds squad
About time! She leaves it all out there on the court. 

7. Jess Anstiss winning the MVP Award in her inaugural season
An amazing inaugural season. Simply put, she saw the award and she took it! 

6. The signing of Jhaniele Fowler-Reid
Well if the future was looking bright, it’s now looking dazzling! This signing will help us achieve our goal of being Champions in 2018 and beyond.     

5. The long list of Fever debuts in Round 1 (Shannon Eagland, Jess Anstiss, Stacey Francis)
Wow the future looks bright. 

4. Kate Beveridge’s 150th National League game against the Firebirds in Round 3
What a stalwart KB has been for the Fever. Although she has played for a couple of other clubs, I don’t think you could ask for a more loyal Fever player, we wish her all the very best in her next steps. Thank you KB from all the Fever supporters, from the bottom of our hearts. You’re a legend. 

3. Nat Medhurst’s 200th National League match against the Giants back in Round 10
What an amazing achievement and such service Nat has given Netball. We now have her as our leader, how lucky are we? A leader who plays with passion and determination. The first game of netball I watched was a friendly which Nat played in. It may have been a friendly but she played as if her life depended on it. Some may say “netball isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that!” 

2. Our Round 7 win over the Adelaide Thunderbirds
Every win is a treasured memory and this one gave the fans revenge and righted a wrong with the Fever having thrown certain victory against them away in the last quarter of the very first game of the season. A wrong was put right. 

1. Our Round 5 victory over the NSW Swifts, our first in the Suncorp Super Netball era
The atmosphere from the fans that day in the stadium was electric and it swelled to an amazing high late into the game. The game was so close and finally in the last two minutes of the last quarter, we started to believe we would beat the Swifts, the hairs on the back of our necks were standing up and the adrenalin in the stadium was pumping through our veins. An amazing high as final whistle blew, the cheering went on for ages and ages that the TV were having difficulty interviewing Courtney 10 minutes after the game. Finally victory over the Swifts, they played in the last two Grand Final years. That game will be remembered for a very long time.


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